Saturday, 24 March 2018  
Sony is launching its noise-reducing PS4 headset next month

It can be yours if you shell out £77.99.


Why Fortnite is Surpassing PUBG - Simplicity Reigns Supreme

"Ever since the release of Fortnite Battle Royal on PlayStation 4, I have been heavily addicted to the game. So much so that it has nearly surpassed my League of Legends addiction (which seemed impossible). Obviously, Im not the only person to be taken aback like this. The question is, why does Fortnite continually keep growing past everyones expectations?" -- PC Gaming Enthusiast

Sea of Thieves review: A great pirate adventure if you have friends with whom to share it | FP

Rares pirate simulation is a blissfully uncomplicated blast, but youll need a close crew of friends to make the most of it.

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Episode 182

FIFA 17 is outselling PES by quite the margin, but is it any good? Will Modern Warfare Remastered ever be available without Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare? Will Dave ever be the same after VR? All this and this week's VideoGamer UK Podcast.

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